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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

# 1 in Spinal, Neck and Head Injuries



Our office provides exceptional health care in San Antonio.  Finding the right doctor to take care of your healthcare needs can be a challenge in today’s changing world of medicine.  Because we are a small practice, the relationship between our patients, families, staff and doctors is upmost important to us and we are able to provide treatment which encompasses the whole body, not just individual symptoms of disease.  Our main goals are to listen, observe, communicate, educate and help provide the best possible care to make you feel better.  Our staff is committed to assisting in whatever they can to help with referrals, authorizations, and billing situations.


Why should South Texas PM&R Group be your first choice?

  • We provide high quality care in rehabilitation services

  • Our doctors are compassionate

  • We attempt to work with your schedule in appointment times

  • Our staff is caring and helpful

  • We are located in the Medical Center area

  • We can accommodate Spanish speaking patients

Please note, beginning October 1, 2021, Dr. Janes and Dr. Hill will no longer see outpatients. 

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